What People are Saying…

— I am very impressed and pleased that our community has an organization like the Palacios HUB.  The community leaders involved in this effort are ready put words into actions to significantly improve the lives of many area residents.  The people of Palacios should be very proud of this organization which will make the community stronger. Thanks.
Van, CEO
Palacios Community Medical Center

— We are really pleased to have you in the neighborhood!  All the best for your success.
Palacios Area Historical Association

— With its central location, the HUB will be a partner to many existing services in Palacios.  It will also be a place for the community to share special interests and activities. The school district especially looks forward to partnering with the HUB to implement new activities and to reinforce existing support for our students and community.
Vicki Adams, Superintendent
Palacios Independent School District

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