Rural Literacy Coalition Partnership

Rural Literacy CoalitionWorking together to support a vision of lifelong learning, from “twinkle to wrinkle!”



This Partnership Agreement is intended to articulate the shared intention of each partner within the Rural Literacy Coalition to work together to wholeheartedly support lifelong learning in Wharton, Matagorda, and Colorado counties. Our collective goal is simple: to be a united and visible voice for lifelong learning in rural communities; supporting a vision of 100% literate, 100% empowered, and 100% engaged


Partners of the Rural Literacy coalition believe:

  • that everyone is capable of learning and deserves the opportunity to succeed;
  • that education is the most effective ladder to realizing one’s full potential;
  • that people are a resource that we cannot afford to waste.

The job of the RLC is to link the partners together through:

  • monthly capacity building professional development opportunities
  • facilitating relevant committees
  • monthly coalition updates
  • volunteer referral through the RLC Volunteer Center
  • providing bi-monthly fund development alerts
  • opportunities to access funding development support
  • inclusion in funding proposals
  • using evidence to drive decisions, providing accessible data for continuous improvement and aligning resources around what works
  • promoting partners on the coalition website and in community outreach

Matagorda, Colorado, and Wharton County leaders from education, nonprofit, business, community, civic, and philanthropic sectors hereby agree to work together as partners in the Rural Literacy Coalition to:

  • Support  the RLC by participating in meetings, providing input into projects, accessing  data, and recognizing of the coalition in marketing materials


  • Coordinate our individual and collective actions, advocacy and funding, to improving results on the following key indicators.
    • Kindergarten readiness
    • Third grade reading mastery
    • Graduation from high school adequately prepared for some level of post-secondary training, or work
    • Access to literacy and workforce development training for adults


  • Promote the effective use of data and commit to championing data driven decision-making; w*here appropriate for our organization, measuring the success of our work by tracking, sharing and communicating progress on requested indicators.
  • Provide leadership, advocacy and counsel to the RLC by appointing a senior representative, if asked, to one or more of the RLC’s standing committees which currently include, leadership, fund development, family literacy, data, events, and communication and committing our representative to meet every 60 to 90 days, if required, with every effort for that representative to attend 100% of the meetings and to designate a permanent proxy if unable to attend


This Partnership Agreement is a statement of intent only, it is not legally binding upon the parties and implies no financial commitment on the part of any partner member.

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